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Kit Includes

  • 200w Aegis legend kit

  • 1x Replacement Glass

  • 1x USB cable

  • 1x User Manual

  • Spare parts


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Attention Texas Customers:

This applies to Texas online customers only.. Beginning October 1st, 2015, Texas law will require a signed statement by any prospective online customer in writing certifying their address and date of birth for all shipments of electronic cigarette and E-Liquid packages.

Only individuals 21 years or older will be allowed to complete an online order for shipment. These requirements begin October 1, 2015 and are effective under penalty of law as of that date, as outlined in Texas State Law, Sec. 161.452 and Sec. 161.453 of S.B. No. 97.

For our customers, this simply requires the following:

     Written verification online at the time of the order of customer’s date of birth and address, verifying they are over 21 years of age;

     The customer (person whose name is on the shipment) must be present at the delivery of the shipment and must be 21 years of age;

     The person receiving the shipment must present identification for themselves, which must also match the name on the credit card used to make the initial purchase.

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